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If you would like to try out XL Designer, please download and install the latest version below.

Visit the Sales and Support page for details on obtaining your free 30 day evaluation license key.

XL Designer V2 latest release download for new and existing customers Gold star

Please note that the V2 series of XL Designer is only supported on Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer operating systems.

Product NameRevision HistoryInstallation FileRelease Date
XL Designer V2 readme_2.49.txt XLDesigner_2.49.exe 26/11/2023

IMPORTANT : XL Designer v2.40 (and higher versions) may require installation of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable package for correct operation. Computers running Windows 10 may already have the necessary runtime support available, so to save installation and download time, we have not built the runtime dependancy package into the XL Designer installation image.

If XL Designer fails to run after installation and warns of missing DLL's, please download and run the vc2019_redist.x86.exe package below.

LICENSE PREREQUISITES : Before upgrading your current version of XL Designer to the lastest version, please select "Help->License Configuration" from within the product and check your license maintenance expiry date.

Only product versions release on or before your license maintenance expiry can be activated with your license.

If you have an older license but would like to move up to the latest product release, please contact the Seetrax Support Office and we will advise you on available upgrade paths.

Installation dependancy for XL Designer v2.40 and above

Updates for legacy V1 series product

Product NameRevision HistoryInstallation FileRelease Date
XL Designer readme_1.116.txt XLDesigner_1.116.exe 01/09/2014
Sentinel security key (dongle) driver
Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.2.exe

Important notes

The XL Designer 1.116 installation file requires a password to begin the install. (The password for 1.116 is the same as the previous 1.115 release)

The password is freely available to all customers with a current maintenance contract. Please contact the Seetrax Support Office to obtain the password.

XL Designer from revision 1.66 onwards requires a version 2 license code.

XL Designer 1.95 onwards requires an updated Sentinel security key driver for correct operation. Please upgrade to the driver version 7.5.2 above before installing the 1.95 update of XL Designer.

If you are currently running XL Designer version 1.66 or later, you already have the correct license, and can install this update.

If you are running a version prior to 1.66, please do not install the update from this site until you have obtained an updated license file.

Customers with a current Seetrax XL Designer maintenance contract automatically receive license updates when necessary. Customers who are now out of maintenance are invited to contact the Seetrax Support Office and we will advise you on available upgrade paths.

Previously released versions

Product NameRevision HistoryInstallation FileRelease Date
XL Designer V2 readme_2.48.txt XLDesigner_2.48.exe 17/09/2023
XL Designer V2 readme_2.47.txt XLDesigner_2.47.exe 06/07/2023
XL Designer V2 readme_2.46.txt XLDesigner_2.46.exe 04/07/2023
XL Designer V2 readme_2.45.txt XLDesigner_2.45.exe 15/11/2022
XL Designer V2 readme_2.44.txt XLDesigner_2.44.exe 06/02/2022
XL Designer V2 readme_2.43.txt XLDesigner_2.43.exe 12/07/2021
XL Designer V2 readme_2.42.txt XLDesigner_2.42.exe 10/05/2021
XL Designer V2 readme_2.41.txt XLDesigner_2.41.exe 12/04/2021
XL Designer V2 readme_2.40.txt XLDesigner_2.40.exe 15/02/2021
XL Designer V2 readme_2.30.txt XLDesigner_2.30.exe 25/03/2020
XL Designer V2 readme_2.28.txt XLDesigner_2.28.exe 23/01/2020
XL Designer V2 readme_2.27.txt XLDesigner_2.27.exe 17/01/2020
XL Designer V2 readme_2.26.txt XLDesigner_2.26.exe 02/12/2019
XL Designer V2 readme_2.25.txt XLDesigner_2.25.exe 08/08/2019
XL Designer V2 readme_2.21.txt XLDesigner_2.21.exe 09/02/2018
XL Designer V2 readme_2.19.txt XLDesigner_2.19.exe 27/02/2017
XL Designer V2 readme_2.18.txt XLDesigner_2.18.exe 19/12/2016
XL Designer V2 readme_2.16.txt XLDesigner_2.16.exe 14/10/2016
XL Designer V2 readme_2.15.txt XLDesigner_2.15.exe 09/09/2016
XL Designer V2 readme_2.14.txt XLDesigner_2.14.exe 15/08/2016
XL Designer V2 readme_2.12.txt XLDesigner_2.12.exe 15/01/2016
XL Designer V2 readme_2.11.txt XLDesigner_2.11.exe 22/12/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.10.txt XLDesigner_2.10.exe 17/11/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.9.txt XLDesigner_2.9.exe 08/10/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.8.txt XLDesigner_2.8.exe 25/09/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.7.txt XLDesigner_2.7.exe 19/06/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.6.txt XLDesigner_2.6.exe 14/06/2015
XL Designer V2 readme_2.4.txt XLDesigner_2.4.exe 14/06/2015
XL Designer readme_1.115.txt XLDesigner_1.115.exe 25/07/2014
XL Designer readme_1.114.txt XLDesigner_1.114.exe 19/03/2014
XL Designer readme_1.113.txt XLDesigner_1.113.exe 07/10/2013
XL Designer readme_1.110.txt XLDesigner_1.110.exe 20/05/2013
XL Designer readme_1.108.txt XLDesigner_1.108.exe 09/04/2013
XL Designer readme_1.106.txt XLDesigner_1.106.exe 01/10/2012
XL Designer readme_1.105.txt XLDesigner_1.105.exe 11/07/2012
XL Designer readme_1.104.txt XLDesigner_1.104.exe 05/05/2012
XL Designer readme_1.103.txt XLDesigner_1.103.exe 02/04/2012
XL Designer readme_1.102.txt XLDesigner_1.102.exe 14/02/2012
XL Designer readme_1.101.txt XLDesigner_1.101.exe 10/01/2012