Are you having problems registering ?

If you do not receive your account activation email within 10 minutes of registering an account, please check your email junk/spam folder to see if your activation email has been placed there.

If you are using one of the following ISPs to handle your email, this problem is very likely to occur :

  • Yahoo
  • BT/Yahoo
  • BTConnect

We check our email logs frequently, and take care to ensure that where possible, emails are delivered to the address provided during registration.

Unfortunately, we are not in control of the spam filtering methods employed by ISPs, and in spite of our best efforts, some ISPs still direct our email into the spam folder.

Most ISP's make available a web based interface to their email service.  By logging into this, it is normally possible to inspect the contents of your email 'spam' mailbox.

If you find our emails have been directed into your spam folder, it should be possible to mark the message as 'Not Spam' which will teach the spam filter not to discard future emails from our server. You may also be able to add and as exceptions to your mailer's spam filtering rules.

Other reasons for email not arriving

Another problem occasionally experienced is caused by email 'greylisting'.  This is where an ISP will refuse to accept an email the first time it comes from a particular email address.  The second time that email address is seem, the message is accepted.  This tactic defeats most spam mailers as they do not retry.  With such ISPs, your activation email may be delayed, but will eventually arrive.

If you continue to experience registration problems, please email and we will do our best to help you get registered.

How to force your activation email to be resent

If you want to have another copy of your account activation email sent to you, please complete the registration form again, and you will be advised that your account is awaiting activation.  Click the link to request your activation email to be resent.