What cookies will be created on my computer if I give permission ?

    This session identifier cookie is a small text string of random letters and numbers. It is used to uniquely identify your computer to the web server for the duration of your usage of this web service.
    There is no personally identifiable information in this cookie and it should expire from your computer automatically approximately 7 days after your last access to this site. It is recreated with a new random value each time you open your web browser and revisit this site.
    This cookie will be set with the value '1' to indicate that you have given us consent to create the above session cookie on your computer. The cookie will expire after one year, at which time you will be asked for cookie consent again.

    If you access our website from several different computers, you may be asked for consent on each of them.

Additional information

  • Most web browsers give you the choice of rejecting cookies from web sites. If you choose to reject cookies from xldesigner.com, then sorry, we are unable to provide you with the facility to log into our site and you will be unable to download 'registered users only' content. Cookies provide an important mechanism for correct operation of this web site.
  • Prior to 22nd May 2018, this site was using third party products to help us analyse where our site visitors were coming from, and to provide a very small amount of revenue from advertising shown on our product download page.

    The complexity of continuing to use those tracking and advertising products under new EU GDPR regulations outweighs the small gain we get from their use. We are a small company and at the moment we would rather spend our development time on providing you with better software products, so for the time being, we have removed all advertising and tracking code from this site.

    If you have visited this site prior to 18th May 2018, your web browser will still have those tracking cookies installed, but their content will no longer be accessed as the third party tracking code has been removed from this site.

    We reserve the right to reintroduce visitor tracking and display of relevant advertising in the future when we can be sure that we can do so within the new GDPR regulations.
Last updated: 22nd May 2018