Board Layout

Once the schematic (or parts/wiring list) has been created, the board is ready to be designed. Parts can be positioned interactively or using the auto-placement routine. As parts are placed or moved, the connections stretch and automatically display the shortest path between connected pins. Gate & pin swapping can be performed with automatic back-annotation to the schematic diagram, as can part renumbering.

Once the parts have been placed on the board, the connections are ready to be routed with either our own auto-router or the optional integrated Electra or Specctra Auto-Routers. Critical signals can be hand routed and fixed in position to stop the auto-routers from removing them. The auto-router can be interrupted during its cycle and results saved or abandoned.

Manual track modification is easy with the on-line DRC and EMC to ensure your designs meet European emission standards.

Internal power planes, including split power planes are created automatically and can be displayed.