On The Horizon

We are always working hard to improve the quality and versatility of XL Designer.  This page summarises a few of the things that are under active development, and which will appear in the future.

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Coming 2nd Quarter 2018

  • We are adding the facility to include slots (and other shapes machinable with a router tool) in custom pads, outline definitions and at other chosen locations in the artwork.  This change will also bring about improvements to the implementation of board outline router paths.

Coming later

  • Native 64 bit product build.  This is undergoing testing and will be released as soon as possible.  In test, a rendering speed improvement of 20-20% has been observed so this will be a benefit to customers working with very large designs.

 Longer term

  • We are actively developing a new product that will eventually replace the current XL Designer V2 series.   Among our development objectives for the new product are improvements to artwork manual and automatic routing tools and simplification of the user interface by adopting a more object-oriented approach to user interaction.  Design files created with the current (and earlier) versions of XL Designer will continue to be useable with the new product.  While we continue with this longer term development, the current XL Designer V2 series will continue to be fully maintained and improved.


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